This fully self contained truck mounted fluid pumping unit consists of a dual compartment tank, high pressure triplex, centrifugal pressurizer and bowie pump. This unit combines the benefits of maneuverability with a wide range of flow rates with automated flow meters, pressure control, data recording system and operators cab with pump controls.

Equipment Features

  • 6,000L lined storage tank that can haul various corrosive fluids
  • 2,000L of 60/40 Methanol Mix
  • Serva TPD600 Triplex w/ 3.5" plungers
  • Waukesha Chemical Pump (Rates from 2 to 10L/min)
  • 120ft of 1.5" FIG 1502 Discharge Iron
  • 80ft of 1.5" High Pressure Hose
  • Truck mounted for rapid deployment and site mobility
  • Data Acquisition System

Performance Specifications

Maximum Flow Rate: 800L/min
Maximum Discharge Pressure: 69,000kPa (Pipe) | 27,500kPa (Hose)
Compartment 1: 6,000L
Compartment 2: 2,000L (60/40 Methanol Mix)
Triplex: Serva TPD600
Maximum Length: 12.57 m
Maximum Width: 2.59 m
Maximum Height: 3.90 m
Gross Vehicle Weight: 31,560 kg
Tare Weight: 23,030 kg

Single Fluid Pump