This self-contained mobile nitrogen transport unit consists of a 23,000m³ nitrogen storage tank. It combines the benefits of maneuverability with the ability to transport and transfer large quantities of nitrogen.


  • Mobile nitrogen transport and storage unit
  • Onboard cryogenic load hose
  • Pressure release valves on storage tank
  • Visual monitoring gauges for tank volume and press


  • Primary engine positive air shutoff

Performance Specifications

Maximum Tank Pressure: 90 psi
Maximum Discharge Pressure: 90 psi
Design Discharge Rate: 150m³ /minute (Liquid Flow)
Storage Capacity: 25,500 m³ (Full Load)
Maximum Length: 19.2 m
Maximum Width: 2.65 m
Maximum Height: 4.75 m
Gross Vehicle Weight: 54,300 kg
Tare Weight: N/A