Coiled Tubing uses a continuous length of steel pipe spooled onto a large diameter reel to quickly convey tools, and circulate liquids and gases into and out of a pressurized well. With its jointless tubing it can reach depths of 5400m in both vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells. This unit is equipped with real-time data acquisition and modeling software, ensuring you get the results you need for efficient and reliable resource recovery.

Equipment Features

  • Features
  • Large diameter pipe
  • Class III Bops with 10k striper and 10k well assist tandem stripper
  • Hydra Rig Injector capable of 80K lbs Pull
  • Orion and Cerberus real time Data accusation
  • 2 inch treating iron with 15k pressure
  • Capable of running controls at rear of unit
  • Applications
  • Milling
  • Wellbore Cleanout
  • Acid Stimulations and Fracturing
  • Fishing
  • Confirmation Runs
  • Hanging Strings
  • Configuration Options
  • Tridem Tractor
  • 16 Wheel Jeep
  • 24 Wheel Trailer
  • 8 Wheel Booster

Performance Specifications

BOP Configuration Quad Combi 5-1/8" – 70 MPa
Crane/Picker: Manitex 4596T
Instrumentation: NOV HMI – Real Time
Average Rig In Time: 4 Hours
Service Depth: 60.3mm (2.375") 5527m
Injector: Hydra Rig, 80K
Data Management: Cerberus & OrionNET (NOV)
Stripping Head: Forum 70 MPa