This trailer mounted nitrogen pumping unit combines the benefits of a wide range of nitrogen flow rates, temperatures, pressure and onboard nitrogen storage.

Equipment Features

  • Direct fired heat exchanger
  • Variable temperature / pressure / flow options
  • Onboard treating iron and high pressure hose
  • Trailer mounted for rapid deployment and site mobility
  • Liquid nitrogen relief protection
  • Gaseous nitrogen relief protection

Performance Specifications

Maximum Flow Rate: 345 m³/min
Maximum Discharge Pressure: 150 to 70,000 kpag
Heat Source: Direct Fired
Supply Temperature: -20 to +280 °C
Storage Capacity: 8,000 m³
Maximum Length: 23.0 m
Maximum Width: 2.6 m
Maximum Height: 4.13 m
Gross Vehicle Weight: 46,470 kg
Tare Weight: 35,560 kg