Our Equipment

Copper Tip’s coiled tubing, nitrogen pumping, and fluid pumping fleet are built with the latest technology. This includes several automated functions that improve job safety and reduce potential operator error for faster job completion.

Coiled Tubing Units

Deep conventional coiled tubing provides high capacity reach to service the increasingly challenging intervention programs in oil and gas wells.

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Flameless Pumping Units

A flameless heat source eliminates potential ignition sources and harmful emissions.

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Direct Fired Pumping Units

This trailer mounted nitrogen pumping unit consists of a liquid nitrogen storage tank, direct fired CryoQuip heat exchanger and cryogenic pumping equipment.

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Twin Fluid Pumping Units

The tridem twin fluid pumping units can reach combined rates of up to 5m³/min with 3,600HP available, and treating pressures of up to 10,000psi.

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Nitrogen Transports

Copper Tip Energy provides a fleet of nitrogen transports to deliver continuous nitrogen supply to support our process, pipeline and well servicing applications.

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Tube Trailers

Copper Tip’s nitrogen tube trailers are a cost effective and versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

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