Copper Tip Energy provides in-house engineering solutions for our coiled tubing services. Our engineering team examines job parameters such as anticipated reach limitations and minimum required pump rates using analysis methods which include tubing force analysis and hydraulic modeling. These methods allow us to determine the appropriate coiled tubing size as well as any bottomhole assemblies (BHA) that would improve results for our customers. In addition, our engineers are available 24/7 to assist our on-site supervisors in troubleshooting any issues and recommend best course of action.

Copper Tip Energy Services fluid pumping units carry out but are not limited to Acidizing & Production Enhancement, and Wireline Tool Pump Downs. These units are equipped with dual Triplex Pumps that can carry out a max flow rate of 1.8 m³/min.

Well Servicing Applications

Coil Tubing Services

Copper Tip offers deep conventional coiled tubing to provide the following applications in oil and gas wells:

  • Milling
  • Cleanouts
  • Acid Stimulations
  • Fracing
  • Confirmation Runs
  • Fishing
  • CBM
  • Nitrogen Gas Lifting

Differentially Stuck Drill Pipe

The use of high pressure nitrogen to lower hydrostatic head and allow for freeing of the drill string when the drill pipe becomes differentially stuck against highly permeable formations.

Well Displacements & Injection Testing

Nitrogen can be used for the displacement of wellbore fluids into the formation and injected into the formation to measure permeability and well flow characteristics.

An injectivity test is one of several well tests typically performed on geothermal production and injection wells upon completion of drilling operations.  Injectivity tests can be useful indicators of the likely productivity of a well.

Snubbing Support

Nitrogen is used in assisting snubbing operations in many different ways. Well flow rates are enhanced by adding nitrogen that creates additional energy to assist in the cleanup of unwanted materials, sediments and fluids. Nitrogen is safe on the well bore, so using it through snubbing strings will help retrieve introduced and produced fluids.

Well Treatment: Annular Fluid Level Depression

Gaseous nitrogen can be used to depress annular fluids in order to preserve the casing/tubing from corrosive gases by keeping the casing/tubing in an inert environment.

Acidizing & Production Enhancement

Acidizing treatments can restore and enhance the performance of producing oil and natural gas wellbores.  This treatment can also be used to stimulate and improve the performance of disposal wells.